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(Video) MY TOP 10 BEST COMBOS TO USE! | South Park: Phone Destroyer

Before you make one, however, it's important to keep in mind the rules of deck building. Were doubting that Ubisoft will patch this up in the future, so take stock of what this tip means to you moving up too fast will have you in the same rank as pay-to-win players or more experienced ones, players whose decks are are to decimate yours due to their advantage of using real money and being more experienced than you are. Features: What features are you looking for? Protect your valuable investment from scratched and damage. Nathan It also features decent attack speed. Lightweight, easy grip design perfect for everyday use. This could be a useful tactic if youre trying to shoot for a PvP pack. We have curated this South Park: Phone Destroyer Tips and Strategies Guide so that you. Each card will have a summon cost, and those costs can greatly affect how youll be playing the game. The PvE story mode has a few hard stops that require you to win PvP matches to move on, but beyond these mandatory matches, Id recommend waiting on going all in regarding PvP until your at character level 5 and you have a few cards upgraded. We recommend only one or two cards which cost 6 or 7, with again only a couple of cards that cost 5 to summon. Requires three energy. While still at the highest level for your rank, you should make the most of your time there by gathering enough upgrade materials; by the time youre already at the highest level for your rank, youll be the strongest in your pool, and not among the weakest in you new one. You can use Bandita Sally from Level 1. I really love the game, but I was missing an easy way to share decks with my fellow teammembers. Advertisement Coins. If youre trying to decide between two similar products, a buying guide can help you see the differences and decide. I think season 26 is the best . 3. High Quality print is fade and scratch resistant. You can play as a massive range of South Park characters and send them into a battle similar to Plants vs Zombies and Clash Royale. Of course, this is not a 100 percent honest thing to do, and it might not even be safe, but its a common way to work around things and drastically improve your chances of victory. There is no best deck, sir. South Park: Phone Destroyer features 80 cards to collect with more promised in future updates. There are also special events in the game, which you can take part in for a chance to win even more, and oftentimes better free stuff. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming . The aura surrounding it keeps the abilities from charging. Next, you should think about your budget. They are of greater value than simply purchasing currency and usually have things that youll want to get anything. South Park: Phone Destroyer is a card battling game set in the universe of South Park. You can summon allied characters and cast spells. Make sure to read reviews to get an idea of what others think of the Deck South Park Phone Destroyer. Lovely foyer entry. Dead Island 2 Review: Hell-A Is Hella Fun, Atomic Heart Review: Beautiful, Flawed, And Fun, Evil West Review A Promising, Vampire-Killing, Carnage-Fueled Adventure, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber Of Reason Location And Puzzle Solution, Dead Island 2 Big Shot Location: How To Get, Dead Island 2 Plumbing The Depths Walkthrough. Comedy Partners. Storyteller Jimmy decreases the attack of all enemies with its Aura effect. Requires two energy. In terms of actually earning said currency, you can earn it via lockers and dont forget to cash out any achievements that are unlocked. ManBearPig, for example, is a really great tank, but since its a Legendary, its so hard to upgrade that its pretty impractical in high ranks. However, after youve done it a few times, the game puts you on a four hour timer before you can opt for extra ad lockers. There are other abilities as well, such as Warcry (activates when the card is put in play), Aura (AoE benefits/nerfs for nearby characters), and Deathwish (activates when you die). It is important that versus these decks you get your first ''charged'' in before they can make critical damage, so scatter your ''charge'' units. Even little cards, such as the rats, can be very useful in battle. You will rank up fast or do better when you have high-level cards.Title: HOW TO BUILD A DECK! Tanks are good, and you could even put up to three in your deck, but more than that isnt recommended. Brain: IQ Evolution/Trick Puzzle Game - All Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Questions, Easy Game - Brain Test: All 300+ Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Questions, Brain Out: All Questions Guide - Levels, Answers, and Walkthrough, Active Promo Codes for Survivor!.io: The Full List and How to Redeem Them, Active Promo Codes for Genshin Impact: The Full List and How to Redeem Them, Punch Kick Duck: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide. Catapult Timmy To prevent card enduced phone trauma, weve wrote up a helpful guide thatll get you building the perfect deck to take down your opponents. To win a battle, you only have to have more energy bars than your opponent. Regeneration Most Popular Codes: Active Promo Codes for Survivor!.io: The Full List and How to Redeem Them, Hottest Codes: Active Promo Codes for Genshin Impact: The Full List and How to Redeem Them. We dont think this tip is as effective as it used to be when South Park: Phone Destroyer was hot off the presses, so to say, and newly added to the Play Store and App Store. Three of the lockers will contain significant rewards while the rest will have standard, smaller rewards. APPLICABLE MODELS: iPhone 6 / 6s,iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus,iPhone 7 / 8 / SE 2020,iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus,iPhone X / XS,iPhone XR,iPhone XS Max,iPhone 11,iPhone 11 Pro,iPhone 11 Pro Max, Iphone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini, Samsung S9,Samsung S9 Plus,Samsung S10,Samsung S10 Plus,Samsung S10 Lite,Samsung Note 10,Samsung Note 10 Plus,Samsung S20 / S11 Lite,Samsung S20 Plus / S11,Samsung S20 Ultra / S11 Plus. This card belongs to the Ranged class. Of course, its a very important thing to know what each of your cards do, and know where your cards are strong and weak. Phone Case Parks Colorful of Cover South Shockproof Boys with All Vintage for iPhone 13 12 11 X Xr Xs 8 7 6 6s Plus Pro Max Mini Se 2020 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S20 S10 Note S9 Anti-Scratch Protecti, Anime Croc Charms PVC Croc Charms Anime Merch Cartoon Croc Charms Anime Figure Croc Accessories for Kids Boys Girls Teens Birthday Gifts Party Favor16pcs, Phone Case Cover Compatiable with iPhone 14 Samsung 15 South 7 Park Pro Max Collage Xr 8 X 11 12 Se 2020 13 14 Accessories Scratch Waterproof Transparent, Park Kenny Phone Case Compatible with iPhone 14 13 12 Mini 11 X Xs Xr 8 7 6 6s Plus Pro Max Samsung Galaxy Note S9 S10 S20 S21 Ultra Plus Transparent, Phone Case Compatible with Galaxy Kenny Plus South 6s Park TPU 6 7 8 X Xs Xr 11 12 13 Pro Max Mini Se 2020 Pc Clear 14 Scratch Water Drop, Phone Case Parks Shockproof of Cover South with Colorful for iPhone 13 12 11 Xr Xs X 8 7 6 6s Plus Pro Max Mini Se 2020 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S20 S10 S9 Note Anti-Scratch, Phone Case Cover Compatible with iPhone Samsung Butters 11 South Se 2020 Park 12 Collage Pro Max 7 8 X Xr 13 14 Waterproof Scratch Accessories Transparent, Phone Case Compatible with I-P Galaxy South 6s Park 8 Eric 12 Cartman 11 Kyle 2020 Broflovski Xs Stan Plus Marsh Clear TPU 6 7 X Xr 13 Pro Max Mini Se Pc 14 Protect Scratch Drop Waterproof, Phone Case South Cover Park with Butters Shockproof Cart-Man Kenny for iPhones13 12 11 X Xr Xs 8 7 6 6s Plus Pro Max Mini Se 2020 Galaxy S21 Ultra S20 S10 Note S9 Anti-Scratch Transparent, South Park Towlie Protective Slim Fit Hybrid Rubber Bumper Case Fits Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, 11, 11 Pro,11 Pro Max, The Best Garage Floor Squeegee (2022) Comparison & Guide, The Best Garage Countertop Material (2022) Comparison & Guide, The Best Gara Stat Stick (2022) Comparison & Guide, The Best Gaiwan Tea Set (2022) Comparison & Guide, CUSTOMIZE NOW: Click "Customize Now" to Select the options (type and phone size) which you would like before Adding to Your Cart. Sheriff Cartman, for example, is a pretty good tank with a lovely Charged AoE ability that shoots all surrounding enemies. Neutral Cards act as fillers cards with the themes that you choose. Princess Kenny It will cost 4 Energy and it belongs to the Ranged class. Catapult Timmy can attack at range and has a charge attack as well. Bandita Sally Another two energy cost assassin card with great attack speed. South Park comes to mobile! For example, if youve already gotten the good rewards from a battle, dont bother using an ad locker. Yes, I know the guide focuses on not having to spend anymore. Nathan features a large range and a massive area of effect damage. The charging input, camera lenses, and all of the iPhone buttons, are fully accessible while the case is in use. Requires four energy to play. For starters, a deck may only have 12 cards in total. Phone Destroyer rewards won battles by letting the player pick three random lockers from a set of ten. And for more general tips, be sure to check out our otherSouth Park: Phone Destroyer guides. There are a ton of different cards of different tiers, but moreso than the tiers, sound strategy will win battles for you in PvP . This Perfect Case designed with fashion trend of your back cover. Rat Swarm Four rats are summoned by this card, and scurry quickly to attack the closest target. If you are not satisfied with the product, it is essential to know the return policy before making your purchase. Generally speaking, you can avoid the above workaround of deliberately losing your PvP games by not ranking up too fast. Card Themes in South Park: Phone Destroyer include the following: Neutral Adventure Sci-Fi Mystical Fantasy Protect your valuable investment from scratched and damage. It grants speed buff to the leader or nearby ally when it dies. If you find yourself having issues progressing in the story, theres probably a good chance youll have some older missions to reply at easier difficulties, giving you more chances to earn cards, materials and currency. South Park: Phone Destroyer has been launched on mobile as a free to play title mixing strategy, RPG and deck building . The main thing to remember when you are building your deck is that there are four types of cards. The full TPU frame protect your from dust, scratching and shock. The game will let players take one more free locker in return for watching an ad. Printed in USA. It costs 2 Energy and belongs to Assassin class. South Park: Phone Destroyer features more than 80 cards in the game and you cannot possibly use all of them in the game. Images are printed directly onto the case, no decals or stickers. If you want toad anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below! Proudly printed in the USA. While the above choicesare definitely the best Sci-Fi cards around, there are definitely a couple of other good ones. Calamity Heidi is available right from the start at Level 1. Back-fill the trench with four inches of the original soil mixed with a healthy quantity . If you're having trouble with South Park: Phone Destroyer, try this deck. South Park: Phone Destroyer is a card battling game set in the universe of . It removes buffs from enemies and debuffs from allies. Warranty: Do you want a warranty? South Park Phone Destroyer From the creators of South Park comes a real-time battle game like nothing you've ever experienced before! Once your new kid does the shockwave just spawn as many 2-3 cost cards and . Posted on Last updated: November 25, 2017. Nathan Nathan can throw bombs from a distance, damaging close groups of enemies. Our phone case compatible for all models of iPhone and Samsung. Overview Chart For Best Deck South Park Phone Destroyer, Top 10 Best Deck South Park Phone Destroyer, Noticeable Factors Before Buying Deck South Park Phone Destroyer. Essentially, you can only have cards from two of the game's five Themes. Decks from TOP 10 players (09/28/2020). Marine Craig Sure, you wont notice much difference after youve upgraded your cards, but those little boosts in points can add up, and can do you a world of good. So I created an online: DeckBuilder. NOTE: Cartoon croc charms are not a toy and these anime croc charms are not suitable for children under 3 years old. Renowned Plumbing & Rooter, Inc. | HomeAdvisor prescreened Plumbers, Septic Tanks & Wells Pros in Pomona, CA. This card belongs to fighter class and it costs you 2 Energy. Astronaut Butters Home Guides South Park Phone Destroyer: What the Best Cards Are. 7. Alien Clyde Has great stats for a melee fighter and his Warcry ability shoots poison at an enemy. 10. It costs 2 Energy and when it dies, it makes the closest ally card invisible for three seconds. 0 coins. We appreciate your feedback, and if you think that anything we present here is inaccurate, please let us know so that we can correct it. It will cost 2 Energy. The 3D-printed design appears handcrafted and makes Luxendary Air Series more than a protective phone case but also, an expression of your personality. This will help you find a Deck South Park Phone Destroyerthat fits your price range. Best Sci-Fi Cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer Sci-Fi's best cards specialize in poisons and debuffs to slowly whittle away at their opponent's life force and strategically win the battle. South Park: Phone Destroyer lets you team up with all your favorite characters as you've never seen them before! For the first few hours of the game, materials will be your biggest bottle neck as all your intro cards will need to be upgrade significantly.

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south park phone destroyer best deck

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(Video) Against THE STRONGEST DECK IN THE WORLD - Level 7 Legendaries | South Park Phone Destroyer

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(Video) HOW TO BUILD A DECK! 2020 | South Park: Phone Destroyer

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(Video) South Park Phone Destroyer Beginner Tutorial: How to make the perfect deck

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(Video) BEST ASSASSIN DECK EVER - PVP RANK UP QUICKLY | South Park Phone Destroyer


What is the rarest card in phone destroyer? ›

Legendary cards are the rarest cards in the game. They have an extremely low chance of obtaining one and are the most difficult to upgrade because you must have alot of materials and coins , as getting more than one copy of one is unlikely. They are generally very powerful with unique abilities.

How do you get better cards in South Park Phone Destroyer? ›

You can increase a card's stats by upgrading it. All you need to do is collect the necessary items shown on the card's upgrade info sheet, spend a few Cartman Coins, and BOOM - upgrade complete. The number of upgrades per card is strictly limited according to the regulations of the Canadian Bureau of Mobile Games.

How do you level up fast in South Park Phone Destroyer? ›

How to Level Up Cards - After fully upgrading a card in South Park: Phone Destroyer, the next way to improve it is by leveling it up. To level up a card, you'll need to acquire a set number of Coins and duplicate versions of that card. With those available, head to your Deck Builder and tap on the card to level it up.

Which is the strongest legendary card? ›

10 Best Legendary Cards in Clash Royale
  • 8 Lumberjack.
  • 7 Sparky.
  • 6 Inferno Dragon.
  • 5 Electro Wizard.
  • 4 Lava Hound.
  • 3 Bandit.
  • 2 Mega Knight.
  • 1 Ice Wizard.
Feb 17, 2023

Which is the most legendary card? ›

1. 2002 Legendary Mewtwo Reverse Foil. Mewtwo, the enhanced clone of Mew, is undoubtedly one of the most popular and beloved Pokémon legends of all time. Due to their immense popularity, Mewtwo legendary cards are precious in Pokémon card collecting.

Is V card ultra rare? ›

Description. This is a one of a kind Pokemon Pack that contains 5 Pokemon V cards. V Pokemon cards are some of the strongest in the game. They are all Ultra Rare, which make them difficult to pull out of any random booster pack.

What is the hardest South Park boss? ›

Of every boss between the “South Park” RPGs, Morgan Freeman will be the hardest boss to beat. The actor-turned-taco store owner boasts the highest amount of health in the game, and his damage output is just as absurd.

Is there an end to South Park: Phone Destroyer? ›

In South Park: Phone Destroyer, there are three endings to the campaign. You will get one ending depending on how much real money you spent on the game once you finish the campaign.

What is the daily locker limit in South Park: Phone Destroyer? ›

The current locker limit is at 30, meaning after more than 30 wins within a day the player will not be able to open lockers anymore and go straight back to the PVP menu (the wins still count towards the PVP pack). This limit resets 24 hours after the first of those 30 wins was achieved.

How do you get the Bottle Caps phone destroyer? ›

How can I get more Bottle Caps? You can’t. To ensure that Team Wars are fair for everybody, Bottle Caps are only available in the first PVP pack on each Upgrade Day for all the players, and you can’t get more of them. How do Team Deck Levels work?

How do you get the Dragon's Wrath achievement in South Park? ›

You knocked out 3 or more enemies with a single fart outside of battle. The easiest place to get this is during your second visit to the school. You will reach a point, shortly after you leave the kitchens, where you are presented with a barrier with keep out written on it and three enemies behind it.

Who is the toughest kid in South Park? ›

Inception. In the beginning of South Park, Craig was said to be the most violent and strongest student in the third-grade class (excluding Cartman). Cartman once claimed that Craig was the "biggest troublemaker in [their] class", and parents of his classmates have cited him as a "bad influence".

Why does Kenny wear a hoodie? ›

Almost all of the time, Kenny wears a hood that muffles his speech. Kenny being muffled is how he gets away with inappropriate and vulgar speech without having to be bleeped out or censored.

Who was the cutest boy in South Park? ›

Plot. The boys discover that the girls in their class have made a list of them, ordered by cuteness. The boys, after two attempts, eventually succeed in stealing the list and discover it ranks Clyde as the cutest, and Kyle as the ugliest, with Cartman just above him.

Who is the smartest in South Park? ›

Kyle Broflovski is one of the main characters of South Park. Based on co-creator Matt Stone, Kyle is a member of the only Jewish family in South Park, and is by far the smartest kid in town.

Who is the most evil character in South Park? ›

Gerald Broflovski, Kyle and Ike's father and a major recurring character (recently seen when the parents supported their kids in an Airsoft battle), is a genuinely worse person than anyone else in South Park.

What character was censored in South Park? ›

Muhammad storyline

An image of the Islam's Muhammad was shown in the 2001 episode "Super Best Friends", but was censored from the 2006 episode "Cartoon Wars Part II" due to the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy.

What is higher tier than legendary? ›


How rare is a legendary card? ›

Legendary Cards: What are the Odds?
Chest TypeLegendary Factor8 Legendaries
3 more rows

Who has the rarest card? ›

The title of 'world's rarest trading card' is split between two quite distinct cards: the 1996 World Champion and the Shichifukujin Dragon. Only one specimen of each card exists anywhere in the world.

What card is higher than Joker? ›

The ace. The joker isn't really a card in the sense of being ranked.

Who is the most popular card? ›

The Ace of Spades (also known as the Spadille and Death Card) is traditionally the highest and most valued card in the deck of playing cards in English-speaking countries.

Is V rarer than Vmax? ›

While VMAX cards are usually rarer and worth more than Pokémon V cards, both are necessary for playing the Pokémon TCG. However, collectors may only be interested in VMAX, since these cards are harder to obtain and thus more valuable.

Are reverse holos rare? ›

The Pokemon TCG has some incredibly valuable cards of different types. However, a unique type of card that players also value is the reverse holographic. These cards can be of the rare holo rarity and lower, and they sport a shiny background with normal card art. This makes them some of the more sought-after cards.

What are the odds of pulling a rainbow rare? ›

Rainbow Rare

There are 15 Secret Rare Pokémon cards in Lost Origin with a rainbow finish, including Hisuian Goodra VSTAR and Thorton. Odds of opening a Rainbow Rare card: 1 in 70.

What is the most censored South Park episode? ›

There are five South Park episodes banned in total, but season 14 episodes "200" and "201" are especially infamous because they sparked an enormous outcry from Middle-Eastern terrorism groups over the South Park Muhammad image.

What's the darkest episode of South Park? ›

The 10 Darkest 'South Park' Episodes of All Time, Ranked
  1. 1 "Scott Tenorman Must Die" – Season 5, Episode 4 (2001)
  2. 2 "HumancentiPad" – Season 15, Episode 1 (2011) ...
  3. 3 "Crack Baby Athletic Association" – Season 15, Episode 5 (2011) ...
  4. 4 "Cartman Joins NAMBLA" – Season 4, Episode 5 (2000) ...
May 26, 2023

Is Mr Hankey good in phone Destroyer? ›

Hankey has very high damage potential who is very effective if he gets to attack without having the enemies attention and should be placed accordingly. Stat upgrades at only 1 per upgrade at all levels (not including level ups). This should be noted when investing in upgrades.

Is Tom Cruise mad at South Park? ›

Tom Cruise was perturbed by criticism of The Church Of Scientology – as well as a parody of him which saw him quite literally hiding in a closet – in the season nine episode Trapped in the Closet. So much so, in fact, that he allegedly threatened to sue the programme.

Is anything in South Park canon? ›

In the case of South Park, the primary canon consists of the theatrical film and all episodes, excluding much of "City on the Edge of Forever", and "Pip", which takes place in Victorian England, although some elements often reappear in fanon.

What level do you get the biggest locker? ›

How to Get a Bigger Locker in Splatoon 3. To get a bigger locker in Splatoon 3's locker room, players need to get to level 15 by playing multiplayer matches.

How big is a jumbo locker? ›

Extra-large lockers measure 15” wide, by 23” high, by 22.6” deep. Jumbo lockers measure 18” wide, by 25” high, by 37” deep. Now to find the right fit for you!

How long does it take to complete South Park: Phone Destroyer? ›

Powered by IGN Wiki Guides
Main + Extras270h
All PlayStyles270h

What is the chaos code South Park? ›

The password to Butters' Chaos Lair is "01234567". The password to the back room in the church is "Kneel Before Jesus".

How do you get better cards in phone destroyer? ›

There are several ways to get new cards:
  1. Free packs: You get one pack of cards for free every four hours, which you can claim your Free Pack from Cartman's Shop. ...
  2. PvP packs: You get PVP Packs for victories in PVP Multiplayer. ...
  3. Loot lockers: ...
  4. Cartman's shop: ...
  5. Butters' shop: ...
  6. Premium packs:

What are mystical cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer? ›

The Mystical theme is the third theme in the game and unlocked at rank 10. The cards in this theme are based off of the children's "mystic" personas. These are usually personas of mythical beasts, legendary figures, or people tied with certain religions (most prominently Christianity).

Is Smuggler Ike good? ›

As an assassin Ike has very high damage potential and is very effective if he gets to attack without drawing the enemies attention and thus should be placed accordingly. His low cost, high attack speed and fast spawn animation makes him a good defense against Dougie cards.

Are the Goth Kids in phone destroyer? ›

All four Goth Kids are now a part of Phone Destroyer! Which one is your favorite, New Kid? god, i love all of them, but Pete and Michael are just THE best goths <3.

What does Zen Cartman do? ›

Zen Cartman is Eric Cartman's Mystical set card in South Park: Phone Destroyer. When his ability is activated, Zen Cartman causes all nearby enemies to direct their attacks to him, even Headhunters.

Is Mr Hankey good in Phone Destroyer? ›

Hankey has very high damage potential who is very effective if he gets to attack without having the enemies attention and should be placed accordingly. Stat upgrades at only 1 per upgrade at all levels (not including level ups). This should be noted when investing in upgrades.

What is the locker limit in South Park: Phone Destroyer? ›

The current locker limit is at 30, meaning after more than 30 wins within a day the player will not be able to open lockers anymore and go straight back to the PVP menu (the wins still count towards the PVP pack). This limit resets 24 hours after the first of those 30 wins was achieved.

Why is Ike Canadian? ›

At the funeral, Kyle finds out that Ike is not his biological brother, but was adopted from Canada due to the tombstone featuring the Canadian flag.

Why is Ike different? ›

However Trey Parker and Matt Stone started getting asked by fans why Ike looked different from everyone else. Trey and Matt decided to make Ike adopted and turn him into a Canadian. So they then created Terrance and Phillip and from there on all characters from Canada looked blocky with flappy heads.

How old is Ike South Park? ›

Ike Broflovski
South Park character
8 more rows


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