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Dietary complementary feed for dogs and cats (PARNUT) indicated for the reduction of acute intestinal absorption disorders, during acute diarrhea and subsequent convalescence periods.

Further indications and properties of LactoAdapt®

It favors the balance of the intestinal flora which can be compromised for ex. following:

  • LactoAdapt® - Dogoteka (2)use of antibiotics
  • LactoAdapt® - Dogoteka (3)diet changes
  • LactoAdapt® - Dogoteka (4)eating disorders
  • LactoAdapt® - Dogoteka (5)intoxications

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  • Ingredients
  • Active ingredients
  • Instructions for use
  • LactoAdapt® - Dogoteka (16)FRUCTOOLIGOSACCHARIDES (FOS) – are particular types of oligosaccharides (composed of chains with a low number of monosaccharide units). They are substances capable of stimulating the selective growth and metabolism of the bacterial flora, favoring their balance (prebiotic action). They are used to stimulate intestinal activity; for the balance of the intestinal flora, which can be compromised following antibiotic therapies and to promote digestion. Some studies have highlighted the ability of FOS to influence the composition of the intestinal microbiota by also favorably influencing the immune response. Some studies have highlighted the ability of FOS to influence the composition of the intestinal microbiota, influencing favorably also the immune response.
  • LactoAdapt® - Dogoteka (17)PROBIOTICS – Live and vital microorganisms that confer health benefits of the host when consumed, in adequate quantities; they contribute to the establishment and modification of intestinal microflora. They can inhibit the growth of pathogenic organisms, interact with the mucosal immune system by promoting an immune response. Another important aspect is that they can interact with the intestinal epithelial barrier, favoring the preservation and repair of damage, stimulating the production of mucus.
  • LactoAdapt® - Dogoteka (18)Enterococcus faecium DSM 10663 / NCIMB 10415 (2,1x1012CFU / kg) – Bacteria of the Enterococcus faecium family usually inhabit the gastrointestinal tract. They have a rounded or oval appearance and are arranged in pairs or in chains. The probiotic integration of these enzymes positively modifies the intestinal bacterial flora, with consequent possible beneficial effects also on the immune system of dogs and cats. Supplementing with probiotic cultures can also improve the quality of puppy feces. A study highlighted the ability of the bacterial strain to have a free radical scavenger effect.
    * scavenger Substance capable of transforming oxygen free radicals into non-radical compounds, devoid of reactivity and therefore of toxicity.
  • LactoAdapt® - Dogoteka (19)VITAMINS – Vitamins are bioregolators of great importance as they preside over the performance of all physiological processes. They are classified as fat-soluble and water-soluble. All vitamins are responsible for specific tasks and, their deficiency, can cause dysfunctionality.
  • LactoAdapt® - Dogoteka (20)VITAMINS B (B1 B2 B6) – vitamins of group B participate in the most important stages of metabolism as coenzymes: they are therefore indispensable substances. The union of several B vitamins, helps to keep the digestive system in shape, such as:
    1. Vitamin B1 – thiamine (3000 mg / kg), stimulates digestive function as it is involved in the production of gastric juices and in the maintenance of intestinal muscle tone; in addition, it regulates heart and muscle activity, body temperature.
    2. Vitamin B2 – riboflavin (1500 mg / kg), regulates cellular respiration processes, stimulates growth and is essential for visual function. In the digestive tract, it is important for maintaining the health of the gastro-intestinal mucous membranes and intervenes in the animal’s metabolism.
    3. Vitamin B6 – pyridoxine (1000 mg / kg), essential for the proper functioning of the immune and nervous systems. Helps maintain the health of the skin and reproductive system. Generally pyridoxine is produced by the intestinal microbiota, but this does not always happen in sufficient quantities to satisfy the needs; in such cases, an integration may therefore be useful.
  • LactoAdapt® - Dogoteka (21)NIACIN (20000 mg / kg)
  • LactoAdapt® - Dogoteka (22)PSYLLIUM SEED CUTICLE (15%) – Psyllium (Plantago psyllium) is a plant of the Plantaginaceae family. It is known for its soothing and emollient properties on the digestive system, particularly in the intestine. Thanks to the presence of a mucilage on the surface of the seeds, in contact with water, it swells and increases in volume, forming a gel capable of increasing the quantity of fecal mass, softening its contents. Psyllium is therefore useful in case of slowed intestinal transit, but it is also useful in case of diarrhea; in this case, in fact, it acts by absorbing the excess fluids already present in the intestine, increasing the consistency of the fecal bolus. Finally, psyllium contains fibers that act as a prebiotic for the well-being of the intestinal microflora.
  • LactoAdapt® - Dogoteka (23)CAROB FLOUR (9%) – Carob beans, fruit of the evergreen carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua), are rich in fiber, have astringent, antacid and gastric antisecretive properties. The flour obtained from the grinding of carob beans is useful for its ability to absorb water in the intestine, thanks to the content of pectin, cellulose and lignin. Its action therefore enhances the action on acute diarrhea of the product.
Characterizing ingredients per 1 tablet of 1 g
Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)100 mg
Enterococcus faecium60 mg
Vitamin B115 mg
Vitamin B210 mg
Vitamin B612,5 mg
Tablets of 1 gLactoAdapt® - Dogoteka (24) LactoAdapt® - Dogoteka (25)
dogs and cats from 0 – 10 kg1 tablet per day
dogs from 10 – 30 kg2 tablets per day
dogs over 30 kg3 tablets per day

It is recommended to consult a veterinary before use.


LactoAdapt® Complementary feed for cats and dogs useful to maintain regular intestinal flora, 20 tablets of 1 g or 60 tablets of 1 g.

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Instructions for use:

The tablets should be administered in daily ration or orally directly to the mouth of the animal.

Recommended period of use:

1 to 2 weeks

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

When should i give Lactoadapt® to my dog / cat?


LactoAdapt® is our dietary complementary feed for dogs and cats (PARNUT) indicated for the reduction of acute intestinal absorption disorders.

We recommend the use, even for preventive purposes, of LactoAdapt in all those “critical” passages that are frequent in the life of our pet, in particular that refer to these 4 macro areas:
+ Diet (e.g. food stress) due to a change in diet or accidental ingestion of unsuitable food or eating disorders, intoxications.
+ Environment (e.g. environmental stress), caused by psychological or logistical factors (change of house, habits, kennel, contact persons, travel)
+ Medical conditions, e.g. acute diarrhea and subsequent recovery periods (also on the advice of a trusted veterinarian)
+ Medicines, e.g. taking specific medications for existing pathologies or following surgery, indicated while taking antibiotics.

Numerous studies have shown that prebiotic and probiotic supplements in the diet of dogs and cats have a beneficial effect on the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

The new formulation of LactoAdapt® uses the Parnut definition (PARNUTS “Foods for Particular Nutritional Purposes”). What does it mean?


The new formulation of LactoAdapt® uses the Parnut definition (PARNUTS “Foods for Particular Nutritional Purposes”); it refers to feeds capable of satisfying a particular nutritional purpose by virtue of their particular composition or method of manufacture, which clearly differentiates them from normal complementary feeds.

Why is LactoAdapt® useful in case of stress that lead to an alteration of intestinal function?


The intestinal microbiota is made up of an association of microorganisms that coexist in the intestines of dogs and cats. The intestinal microbiota is vital to the health of the host. By its action it interferes with:
+ metabolism of ingested substances
+ synthesis of enzymes and essential vitamins
+ energy production
+ gut epithelial health
+ development and support of the immune system

In a healthy animal, a balance is maintained between the intestinal microbiota and the host. However, this balance can be upset due to factors affecting the intestinal microbiota such as:
+ Nutrition (nutritional stress)
+ Environment (environmental stress)
+ medical conditions
+ medicines

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Numerous studies have shown that prebiotic and probiotic supplements in the diet of dogs and cats have a beneficial effect on the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

Why buy probiotics for dogs? Can't you use those for humans?


The action of probiotics is species specific!
Probiotics for humans can be given to our animals, but it is also true that there are enzymes designed specifically for them, certainly more effective than those designed for human use. To be effective, probiotics must have some fundamental characteristics:
+ they must not contain pathogenic microorganisms (ie those harmful, which would cause further damage);
+ they must be resistant to both gastric acidity and intestinal enzymes (being taken orally, they must be able to reach their site of action in quantities that can perform their function);
+ they must adhere to the epithelial tissues of the intestine to build colonies;
+ they must improve the dog’s immune system
+ have to leave the animal’s body at the end of the treatment.

All these features are certainly certified by purchasing a product specifically designed for those ailments, on the contrary the “do it yourself” remedies do not always guarantee an effective and prompt action (this does not mean that, necessarily, they harm the animal; they simply can not have the desired activity, lengthening the healing time and / or not favoring a full recovery).

What is the main difference between LactoAdapt® and Diagiar®?


LactoAdapt® and DiaGiar® compared
Both products focus on the intestinal health of dogs and cats; first is specific for disorders affecting the intestinal flora (therefore those bacteria naturally present in the organism) of the animal and related problems, such as dysbiosis, diarrhea, etc .; while the other is more closely linked to those that are considered “unwanted guests”, such as intestinal parasites, assisting their elimination.
Specifically, LactoAdapt® is a complementary feed indicated above all for the reduction of acute intestinal absorption disorders, during acute diarrhea and subsequent convalescence periods. It is a product classified as Parnut, it is therefore able to confer specific health effects to the diet, in addition to simple nutritional value. In this case it is a product containing those raw materials useful for maintaining and / or restoring the balance of the intestinal microbiota; it is in fact formulated with a prebiotic (FOS) and probiotic (Enterococcus) component which, in association with the vitamins present, carry out their targeted and beneficial action on the intestine.
Diagiar is also a complementary feed indicated for intestinal wellness; it acts, however, unlike the other product, not directly on the flora residing in the intestine, but rather its action is directed towards those that may be bacteria and / or parasites unwelcome for the animal’s health. The formulation of Diagiar, with its mix of essential oils (cinnamon, tea tree, garlic, lavender and mint) and plant extracts (pepper, pumpkin seeds, mastic of chios, by-products from beekeeping) with antiseptic and antioxidant action, therefore helps to keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy, if it is destabilized by external pathogens.

My dog is allergic to chicken. In Dogoteka products there is the aroma of liver (from poultry). Can a dog allergic to chicken take Dogoteka products?


Animal proteins (liver flavoring) ARE HYDROLYZED. When hydrolysed, animal proteins are inactivated (Enzymes are inactivated inside them). This means that they do not develop allergic reactions in those who take them. This is practically an inactivation process of enzymes that ensures the absence of allergy in the intake.

What are feeds with particular nutritional or dietary purposes?


Dietary feeds are able to satisfy a particular nutritional purpose of animals, whose functions (digestive process, absorption or metabolism) are likely to be temporarily altered or are temporarily altered in an irreversible form. From the intake of this type of feed, animals benefit because they meet the needs of their health.
Food for animals intended for particular nutritional purposes, known by the acronym PARNUTS (Feed for Particular Nutritional Purposes) are regulated by Directive 2008/38 EC.
Compared to the category of complementary feeds, for complementary feeds intended for particular nutritional purposes a precise claim is defined, a period of use, a qualitative-quantitative composition profile suitable for satisfying a specific nutritional purpose and the intervention of the figure of the veterinarian before use or in case of extension of the period of use.

Accidental ingestion of whole product packaging


We remind you that it is good practice to keep the unopened package away from the reach of children and animals, as indicated in the warnings on labels and boxes. The greatest risk in the event that a dog ingests the entire contents of the package is that it may in a hurry swallow pieces of plastic from the pill container, much more harmful than the active ingredients contained in the tablets. However, given the variability of the subject with respect to body weight, breed and age, the advice we would like to give is to consult your veterinarian who will be able to assess the situation from time to time by knowing the dog thoroughly.

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What if I have a specific question about my pet and I need personal advise?


You can contact us on Facebook, Instagram or write us an email to


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