'From' Season 2, Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Whom Did Kenny Find In The Basement? | Film Fugitives (2023)

After the eventful second episode of the second season, MGM+’s sci-fi thriller series From slows down the pace to better settle all the new characters and realign some plot points from the first season. In the previous episode, we saw Boyd getting back into the town after the mysterious person shackled in chains. infected him with skin-crawling worms. A number of people lost their lives because they were unaware of the dangers of nocturnal shapeshifting monsters, including the newcomer bus passengers and the town barkeep Tom, who was stuck inside the collapsed house of the Matthews family. Tabitha and Victor found their way out of the underground maze, which was the resting place of the monsters, and along with Boyd and a newcomer named Elgin, they finally made it back to town in the morning. We also saw a newcomer couple, Brian and Kelly, responding to unknown persons at night and opening the gate of the place they sought shelter in, and their fates were left uncertain at the end. The third episode of From brings together the key players at the forefront and prepares them for some unpleasant discoveries.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Is Ellis Bothered Even After Boyd’s Return?

The episode begins with Boyd examining the wound made by the mysterious person in the woods that infected him with skin-crawling worms. After returning to the town, Boyd meets with his son, Ellis, and tells him everything about his journey and how he ended up in the wilderness close to the town after going through a faraway tree. His own confusion about the ordeal makes it difficult for Ellis, who is already frustrated after the experience of the previous night when he and his girlfriend Fatima had to helplessly witness newcomers getting slaughtered by the nocturnal monsters, and he kind of lashes out. The place has a nefarious hold on the mental condition of people, and Ellis and Boyd know that full well, as they lost Abby when she lost her sanity. Ellis fears that a similar fate might await Fatima, as the incident last night almost hinted at her mental breakdown. Boyd calms his son down and asks him to be there for Fatima, as only by keeping each other together are they going to beat this place and finally be able to go home.

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Later, Boyd makes a visit to Abby’s grave, as he keeps wondering how the mysterious shackled person knew about Abby’s identity. Boyd also makes a visit to the town diner, where a ruckus ensues after the newcomer hothead Randall tries to pick a fight with Donna about his disagreement with the rule against the use of firearms mandated for the townsfolk. Boyd manages to calm the situation down by passive-aggressively convincing Randall to stand down.

Has The Matthews Family Been Reunited?

Jim has been rescued as the sole survivor of the house collapse incident, although he has suffered some minor injuries. The Matthews family, consisting of Ethan, Julie, Tabitha, and Jim, has finally been reunited in the hospital, and Tabitha shares her findings about the town having no source of electrical supply with Jim. Tabitha takes the kids to the diner and asks for the help of Kenny’s mother, Mrs. Liu, as all their belongings are now stuck inside their collapsed house. As generous as Mrs. Liu is, she asks the Matthews family to stay at her place and share space with Jade.

Tabitha and Julie go to the supply area to restock their essentials and clothes, and while returning, Tabitha sees two disfigured sibling kids looking at her who resemble the person she saw trapped in a cage in the underground maze. Creeped out by their presence, Tabitha rushes to Mrs. Liu’s home. Julie realizes that something is off and asks her mother to let her know about what happened, but Tabitha initially refuses. Julie reminds her that just a day ago, the situation was so dire that she thought she would have to become Ethan’s guardian in the absence of their parents, so keeping her in the dark might not be the best option. Tabitha realizes her mistake and shares that she is getting premonitions and visions as she had after the death of her previous child, Thomas, but unlike the happy nature of those visions, these ones are ominous. Tabitha once again sees the disfigured siblings in front of Mrs. Liu’s porch and notices an uncanny similarity between Ethan’s jenga game and the structures she saw in the underground.

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What Did Kenny And Ellis Discover In The Woods?

As Kenny and Ellis venture into the wilderness to forage for food, Kenny finds a metal rod from the traps he had installed missing. To his horror, he finds it shoved through the head of Kelly (the newcomer girl viewers met the previous night) and pinning her to a tree. To make things even more difficult, the girl turns out to be still alive, and Kenny rushes to bring the town medic, Kristi, to the spot. At the clinic, Kristi and her fiancée Mari are still having a tough time adjusting to reality, and Kenny hurriedly picks her up.

On the spot, Kelly introduces herself to the trio of Kenny, Ellis, and Kristi and shares her horrific experience from last night. She states that she and her boyfriend Brian were targeted by the monsters, and in an especially sadistic turn of events, the monsters mangled Brian in front of Kelly and decided to ‘play’ with her by leaving her in this condition. By assessing the situation, Kristi shares her opinion that Kelly isn’t going to make it because not only does the condition require a prolonged operation, which they can’t allot due to the dangers of the nocturnal monsters, but also because it’s a miracle that she is still alive.

Will Jade And Victor Work Together?

Victor returns to his room at Colony House, only to find it looted, with his violin gone as well, and he gets to know that Ethan and Jade may have been behind it. Irritated beyond measure, Victor goes to Jade, retrieves his violin, and rushes off. Jade follows Victor, repeatedly pleading with him to assist, and shows the picture from Victor’s childhood in town. Victor seems unwilling to help Jade, even though he wishes to go home as much as the latter does. Meanwhile, Fatima learns that Elgin was having premonitions about the place when he talks about the ‘Brundle’ (a wetland that’s the only source of fun for the townsfolk) without having been there or been told about it.

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Boyd arrives at the site where Kelly is lying injured, which somehow suddenly triggers her immense pain, and she starts writhing in agony. Out of any other option, Boyd and Kristi decide to pull out the rod, which unfortunately kills Kelly. Traumatized by the experience, Kristi goes to seek comfort in her fiancee’s presence, and Ellis proposes marriage to Fatima. Boyd shares a story with Donna that during his war years, a junior cadet named Brian Kelly breathed his last in his arms—an eerie coincidence with the newcomer girl and her boyfriend sharing the name between them. At the same time, Boyd regrets that even after witnessing a tragic moment, all he can think of are ways, hints, and links to learn more about the place instead of behaving like a normal human being. Donna, who is already having a rough day, gets spooked at this and wonders about Boyd’s mental state while asking him whatever happened during his journey. Boyd distances himself, all the while assuring her that he is of sound mind.

Who Did Kenny Find In The Forest?

The episode ends as Kenny goes to the makeshift church of deceased Father Khatri to prepare for a proper funeral for Kelly and finds Sarah hiding in the basement. The discovery is definitely going to be an unpleasant one for Kenny and the rest of the townsfolk, as Sarah was responsible for the deaths of numerous people, including her own brother Nathan, Kenny’s father, Mr. Liu, Jade’s friend, and most of the clinic staff. Although she had been led to these actions after getting influenced by unseen forces, she assisted Boyd in his journey to find an escape route, except for Ellis, and the rest of the townsfolk don’t know that yet. How the return of Sarah affects the Matthews family, whose youngest member Sarah tried to murder while under the influence, and how the people of the town react to the knowledge that Boyd and Khatri decided to spare Sarah from punishment due to reasons yet unknown to them, will be the primary focus of the next episode of From.

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'From' Season 2, Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Whom Did Kenny Find In The Basement? | Film Fugitives? ›

Who Did Kenny Find In The Forest? The episode ends as Kenny goes to the makeshift church of deceased Father Khatri to prepare for a proper funeral for Kelly and finds Sarah hiding in the basement.

What happens to Boyd in from Season 2 Episode 3? ›

Boyd has made it back to town but is still grappling with the worm-like things just beneath his skin. He's rattled, clearly, and keeps questioning whether any of this is real or not.

What did Martin do to Boyd? ›

The music stops, Martin states that they are out of time, and he makes a bloody injury on Boyd's arm, stating his blood is now Boyd's blood. He then faints. A confused Boyd makes way for the exit and ends up in the wilderness at night.

What happens to Boyd at the end of justified? ›

Boyd, who is serving a life sentence, is preaching for his prison church group. In the end, each character gets what they wanted – Boyd has a pedestal and a following, Raylan is back to his old life, and Ava gets to live her life away from the dangers of their hometown.

Does Ava shoot Boyd? ›

Instead, when Boyd showed up, Ava shot him, took the cash and left a wounded Boyd with Raylan.

Who did Martin have a one night stand with? ›

After a few brief relationships, including a one-night stand with Kelly Taylor (Brooke Kinsella), Martin begins growing close to Sonia, and they fall in love.

What caused Martin to end? ›

The finale of Martin aired in May 1997 as its five-season run limped to the finish line. Its demise was affected by a set of circumstances — allegations of sexual harassment, an emergency cruise storyline, a restraining order — that included Tisha Campbell walking off the Detroit set in November 1996.

What did Martin say to Boyd? ›

The town is just the beginning: “I always the town was the worst part, and then I went through the tree,” Martin tells Boyd. “You go one place, go out the other. Sometimes you get stuck, sometimes you get trapped. That's when they get you.”

Does Boyd find out Ava is a CI? ›

Ava admits to Boyd that she was Raylan's CI in a case to bring down Boyd and he initially believes her to be having an affair with Raylan, giving her his gun to shoot him in the head if she is but she protests she isn't sleeping with Raylan.

Why didn t Raylan end up with Winona? ›

It was after Raylan's posting in Glynco, Georgia that their marriage began to deteriorate. Raylan's anger-management problems, and the fear of being the widow of a dead US Marshal, drove Winona to divorce Raylan and marry their realtor, Gary Hawkins.

Who kills Daryl Crowe in Justified? ›

was a recurring character and one of the main antagonists in the fifth season of the FX series Justified. Daryl is the cousin of Dewey Crowe and the head of the Crowe family based in Florida. In "Restitution", he is shot & killed by Wendy Crowe.

What happened to Ava Crowder? ›

After Raylan finds Ava in Lebec, she begs him not to tell Boyd about his son. The last thing she needs is the son following in daddy's footsteps. In the final minutes, Raylan visits Boyd in jail with some bad news: Ava died in a car crash three years earlier.

Who pushed Ava off the balcony? ›

When Ava refused, Valentin attempted to kill her by pushing her off of the parapet at Wyndemere. Ava was soon rescued from the water by Nikolas who revealed himself during the ceremony. Valentin was in fact revealed to not be Mikkos' son, but rather Helena's, removing any claim he had to the Cassadine fortune.

What does we dug coal together mean? ›

“We dug coal together,” has been Raylan's way of explaining his connection to all things Harlan over the course of the series. The line has always been an admission and sidestep at the same time. It's his answer to Ava way back in the pilot, when he shoots Boyd but won't leave him to die. Yes, Raylan's lying to Boyd.

How many episodes are in season 2 of the Boyd? ›

The Boys (season 2)
The Boys
No. of episodes8
Original networkAmazon Prime Video
Original releaseSeptember 4 – October 9, 2020
7 more rows

What is the plot of From Season 2? ›

Plot: The series unravels the mystery of a nightmarish town that traps all those who enter. In season two, hidden truths about the nature and terrifying origins of the town begin to emerge, even as life for its residents is plunged into chaos by the arrival of mysterious newcomers.

Who is Sarah on from? ›

Avery Konrad: Sara Myers.


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